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What’s in your garage? you may be sensible once you opt for cars — a flexible hatchback or passenger van is simply the factormaybe you favor the rugged image of Associate in Nursing SUV, or wish to reward yourself with a convertible or luxury sedan. perhaps you are a automobile collector and even have a classic muscle automobile or vintage sports automobile for weekend cruising.

Whatever you drive, you recognize you wish insurance for your automobile and assets. And Farmers has coverage choices that alter you to urge the car insurance you wish.

Here area unit a number of the risks a driver could face:

You cause Associate in Nursing accident


You cause a minor collision once glare from the setting sun blinds you in time of day traffic. injury is comparatively strippedhowever the opposite driver says her neck is in pain.


Liability insurance coverage pays for bodily injury and property injury to a different that results from lined losses you cause

You accidentally injury your own automobile


You’re on your thanks to a ski weekend once you lose traction on Associate in Nursing icy road — the impact once you slide into a railing damages your SUV’s front fender.


Collision coverage will facilitate repair your vehicle if it’s broken — or compensate you for its price if it’s a complete loss.

storm dents your automobile


unexpected storm cracks your car’s screen and leaves dozens of dents on the hood, roof and trunk of your vehicle.


Comprehensive coverage will facilitate once your automobile is broken by one thing apart from a collision.

An uninsured driver hits you


You suffer minor injuries once another driver runs a red lightweight and clips your car’s rear fender. On prime of it all, the driving force doesn’t have car insurance.


Uninsured automobilist coverage covers the prices of your bodily injuries — up to your policy limit – after they area unit caused by Associate in Nursing at-fault driver with none car insurance. Underinsured automobilist coverage picks up the prices of your injuries once Associate in Nursing at-fault driver has some insurance, however not enough to hide all of your damages.

Your son is disabled in a very single-car wreck


Your son and a traveler area unit each disabled once his subcompact car hits a tree.


Medical payments coverage will facilitate with medical expenses if they’re caused by a lined accident — no matter fault.

You can’t work throughout physiotherapy


You miss many days of labor whereas receiving physiotherapy for injuries sustained in a very automobile accident.


Personal Injury Protection (PIP), wherever offeredwill facilitate with medical and rehabilitation expenses, furthermore as lost wages.
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